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We are accredited Mediators making us really good at what we do, overcoming obstacles in the negotiation to reach an agreement.

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Intake Process

There is no charge for introductory telephone calls or for brief telephone calls, brief e-mails, or scheduling appointments during the mediation process. Individual meetings with parties in family mediation cases are charged at a flat rate of one hour’s time, although the meeting usually lasts one to two hours.

Fees for drafting memoranda are negotiated at the time of drafting and will vary depending on the length and complexity of the document. The parties are responsible for payment of all fees for necessary experts (such as pension valuators or CGA level accountants) for financials if required. Parties must decide how to share costs of the mediation between them; however, the mediator may require payment in full from either party.

Intake consultations are offered on Saturday’s and you may take advantage of our one hour free consultations with a mediator at no charge. This is extremely beneficial for couples who are not sure mediation will be the right option for them and gives them an opportunity to ask questions or discuss specific circumstances of their case in a safe environment with no obligation. There is no cancellation fee provided parties give 48 hours advance notice. For more information about mediation fees, please contact us via phone or email.

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