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We are accredited Mediators making us really good at what we do, overcoming obstacles in the negotiation to reach an agreement.

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Speedy Resolution

A speedy and orderly resolution. Mediation provides a swifter avenue to resolution than does litigation. Mike and Mary’s lawyers both foresaw a lengthy process ahead. What they didn’t tell their clients is that approximately ninety-nine percent of all conventionally litigated divorces settle prior to trial.

It is the rare exception that actually goes to trial before a judge. Settlement is the overwhelming norm. The probability of settlement is a fact. The critical issue is the timing of the settlement.

Lawyers tend to pursue settlement late in a case; and although a protracted legal procedure enhances their income, it depletes the emotional and financial resources of their clients. The ones who often suffer the most are the clients’ children. Once a divorce is inevitable, children need an orderly process, with a quick and clean outcome. When divorcing parents continue to live in the same house, for example, the children are injured by the increasingly poisonous atmosphere.

Children need to know what the new arrangements will be so that they are not left to their own imaginations. They need their parents to work out two viable households quickly and fairly so that they can spend time with each parent in a peaceful environment. Additionally, children need their parents to thrive so the parents have the energy to give the children what they need.

Parents overwhelmed by anxiety, depressed by the continuing limbo and enraged by each other do not have the resources to take care of their children. Finally, all this has to occur in a few months and not drag on for years. Litigated divorce settlements take a lot of time, cost a lot of money and steep the participants in pessimism and negativism. All these things detract from the ability of people to adequately parent their children. Speed the transaction, reduce the cost and help the parties stay in control, and children can survive relatively unscathed. Mediation can help most divorcing couples to do this.

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